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Their eyes will light up (and tummies rumble) when this delight-packed assortment arrives! Arranged in a golden metallic tray, ready for repurposing!


• Key Lime Straws 6.5 oz. Carton

• Traditional Cheddar Cheese Straws 6.5 oz. Carton

• Sriracha Cheese Straws 6.5 oz. Carton

• Sea Salt Caramel Straws 3.5 oz. Carton

• Original Lemon Straws 3.5 oz. Carton!

Overall Customer Rating of 3 Reviews:

What happened to the "Traditional" Cheese Straws?

I ordered an assortment of "Straws" for my husband that included the "Traditional Cheese Straws". I had not purchased that variety in some time, and was very disappointed in them. One of our Christmas guests put hers in the trash. I have told so many people over the years about your products, but I remember the original cheese straws as being lighter in color; a delicate yellow, and the flavor was delicate, as well. What we got look as though they were overbaked, and tasted awful. We have not tried the other cheese flavors, but the cranberry, mudpuppies, etc. are wonderful. I just so wish we could have that old cheese straw back.

very fast service! very yummy!!

fast fast fast delivery!!!!