• “I have had some of these from other places and these are
    the best I have ever eaten. All I can say is excellent, excellent, excellent.”
    - R. G.

  • “You all make my holiday shopping so much easier!
    I appreciate the quality of your products AND the promptness of delivery. ”
    - Cindy E.

  • “Thank you for quality in a world that too often settles for less.
    You are a bright and shining light and yummy to boot!”
    - Carolyn And Ed

  • “For the family - we buy two - one for before Christmas
    and one for Christmas Day! Our favorite treat for years!”
    - Linda V.

  • "I've sampled a lot of cheese straws, but these win!"
    - Martha

  • "The cheese straws are delicious. They were fresh and had just
    right amount of spice, needless to say, they did not last long. It's a perfect gift to
    take from Mississippi, a little bit of home no matter where you are."
    - Yasmin

  • "Love a chocolate chip cookie! But these "Puppies" are better
    than my Mom's! (sorry Mom). I should have bought two boxes!"
    - Daniel O.

  • "You have the best cheddar cheese straws, but my wife and I,
    and our guests think Asiago are the best you have of the lot."
    - Bob & Karen

  • "Love the cheese straws! Great company to deal with...
    online ordering easy with prompt delivery."
    - Valerie G.

  • "These little snacks are wonderful. Every one this company
    makes is, but if you are a fan of cinnamon and pecans (like myself)
    you will definitely love and reorder Cinnamon Pecan."
    - Desiree G.

  • "I opened them the same day I received the package
    and they are sooo good! I fixed a cup of tea
    and almost ate the entire package...
    Will be ordering more for the holidays."
    - Linda W.

  • "These cookies are so good I have to limit myself.
    I will eat the whole package. That's just how good they are.
    Love, love, love them."
    - Brenda K.

  • "Mississippi Mudpuppies are the greatest!"
    - Loretto S.

  • "Love, love Mississippi Cheese Straws!! Everybody needs to try them!!!"
    - Denise P.

  • "Definitely the best cheese straws out there--
    anyone who says otherwise is crazy! Love them all!"
    - Sarah S.

  • "The Perfect Gift for that loved one in your life.....and you can't just eat one!!!!!"
    - Billy R.

  • "These gifts are wonderful for the people in your life
    that seem to have everything. And they are sooooo good.
    Have to give them away or I'd eat the whole thing!"
    - Barbara C.

  • "These are delicious...Very old-fashioned which is a good thing...
    I'm dieting but there are somethings you have to give way to Indulgence."
    - Sylvia C.

  • "Wow mmmm I had my first Mississippi cheese straws ever this week ,
    I'm so addicted. They are so scrumptious!!"
    - Sarah-Jane S.

  • "Just tried the Lemon Straws for the first time today - Absolutely FABULOUS! YUM!"
    - Sandy

  • "I love them and made in Mississippi! It's a win win!!"
    - Janet W.

  • "They are sooooo good!!!"
    - Amanda W.

  • "Yes you guys DO make the best..have loved them
    since I discovered them years ago and
    have used as yummy gifts!!!! And ROLL TIDE!! :)"
    - Patrice W.

  • "I Love their cheesestraws!!!!"
    - Cathy H.

  • "Love all their different types of straws!"
    - Jennifer B.

  • "Truly Amazing, I love the Lemon Shortbread!!!"
    - Roxanne W.

  • "Love your cheese straws! Simply the best!"
    - Emmaline H.

  • "Sea Salt Caramel Straws are absolutely delicious!!"
    - Jim B.

  • "The original cheese straws have been a hit! Friends and family
    have enjoyed them, as well as myself when they have been sent."
    - Amy G.

  • "Love the Sriracha cheese straws! ..."
    - Karen M.

  • "Best mudpuppies. Best cheese straws. Love everything!"
    - Misty W.

  • "Comfort snacks since I was a teen! ..."
    - Morticia S.

  • "Absolutely delicious cheese straws! ... "
    - Louisa S.

  • "Your Lemon Straws taste like real lemons and they leave a delicious
    taste in your mouth. Not like artificial lemon flavor. Definitely worth
    getting for yourself or for a gift." - Merle B.

  • "Great taste, just like homemade!"
    - Anonymous.

  • "Asiago and original. All day everyday! ..."
    - Sallie S.

  • "Love it, it's too good!!"
    - Henry P.

  • "Delicious! Just the right amount of spice!"
    - Jennifer S.

  • "Can I just set up a standing order for you to deliver
    a box of these every week?"
    - Dave D.

  • "These are some of the best "store bought" cookies I have ever tasted...
    What a thrill to open and enjoy these cookies so much!"
    - Suzanne L.

  • "Received these as a gift from a customer. Loved them.
    Carmel sea salt straws with coffee made my morning!"
    - Paula K.

  • "To anyone reading this review - ORDER MORE!!! ...These sriracha
    cheese straws are just way too addictive! They are awesome. I don't like
    "hot" foods, but I love these - just the right kick." - Amy G.

  • "I order from your company every Christmas. There is a revolt in the house if I don't."
    - Jackie V.

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