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What Our Customers Say:

  • “I love them and made in Mississippi! It's a win win!!”
    - Janet W.

  • “They are sooooo good!!!”
    - Amanda W.

  • “Yes you guys DO make the best..have loved them
    since I discovered them years ago and
    have used as yummy gifts!!!! And ROLL TIDE!! :)”
    - Patrice W.

  • “I Love their cheesestraws!!!!”
    - Cathy H.

  • “Love all their different types of straws!”
    - Jennifer B.

  • “Truly Amazing, I love the Lemon Shortbread!!!”
    - Roxanne W.

  • “Love your cheese straws! Simply the best!”
    - Emmaline H.

  • “Sea Salt Caramel Straws are absolutely delicious!!”
    - Jim B.

  • “The original cheese straws have been a hit! Friends and family
    have enjoyed them, as well as myself when they have been sent.”
    - Amy G.

  • “Love the Sriracha cheese straws! ...”
    - Karen M.

  • “Best mudpuppies. Best cheese straws. Love everything!”
    - Misty W.

  • “Comfort snacks since I was a teen! ...”
    - Morticia S.

  • “Absolutely delicious cheese straws! ... ”
    - Louisa S.

  • “Your Lemon Straws taste like real lemons and they leave a delicious
    taste in your mouth. Not like artificial lemon flavor. Definitely worth
    getting for yourself or for a gift.” - Merle B.

  • “Great taste, just like homemade!”
    - Anonymous.

  • “Asiago and original. All day everyday! ...”
    - Sallie S.

  • “Love it, it's too good!!”
    - Henry P.

  • “Delicious! Just the right amount of spice!”
    - Jennifer S.

  • “Can I just set up a standing order for you to deliver
    a box of these every week?”
    - Dave D.

  • “These are some of the best “store bought” cookies I have ever tasted...
    What a thrill to open and enjoy these cookies so much!”
    - Suzanne L.

  • “Received these as a gift from a customer. Loved them.
    Carmel sea salt straws with coffee made my morning!”
    - Paula K.

  • “To anyone reading this review - ORDER MORE!!! ...These sriracha
    cheese straws are just way too addictive! They are awesome. I don't like
    “hot” foods, but I love these - just the right kick.” - Amy G.

  • “I order from your company every Christmas. There is a revolt in the house if I don't.”
    - Jackie V.