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Gail Pittman 2018 Holiday Gift Tin
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Sweet, salty and very Santa! Holiday happiness begins with the artistry of a gorgeous Gail Pittman gift tin. Open the top, and flavor lovers delight to find the ultimate comfort food—Spicy Traditional Cheddar Cheese Straws—plus the snacking joy of Sea Salt Caramel Cookie Straws. A perfect division of deliciousness, each flavor individually packed for freshness within.

The Best Of The Delta 16 oz. Gift Tin
Item #: GSBOD16 - Reg. $36.00
Price: $28.95
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Item #: GSBOD16 -

The Mississippi Delta: Birthplace of the Blues. Cradle of artistic genius. This holiday season, have everyone singing your praises when you give the Delta’s quintessential gifting masterpieces – Traditional Cheddar Cheese Straws from Mississippi Cheese Straw Factory® and Original Southern Praline Pecans™ from Indianola Pecan House®! For the first time ever, the two legendary favorites come together in one convenient and pleasingly delicious gift tin!

Traditional Cheddar Cheese Straws 16 oz Gift Tin
Item #: 120 - Reg. $30.00
Price: $23.95
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Item #: 120 -

The rich flavor of perfectly aged cheddar cheese… the teasing tingle of sharp fresh spice… the deliciously crispy texture of a perfectly made cheese straw. Indulgence? Of course. But once you’ve experienced it, this indulgence will soon become necessity. Don’t say you haven’t been warned!

Original Lemon Straws 16 oz Gift Tin
Item #: 320 - Reg. $30.00
Price: $23.95
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We begin with a refreshing burst of lemon, then blend it with rich shortbread made with fresh creamery butter, and voilà: a straw of extraordinary flavor, twirled in powdered sugar for a sensational finish. Tart, rich, sweet – spectacular in its perfection. An indulgence? To be sure. The ultimate indulgence. And isn’t that what you deserve?

Mudpuppies 16 oz. Gift Tin
Item #: 620 - Reg. $30.00
Price: $23.95
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Item #: 620 -

Not just chocolate, but a divinely chocolate delicacy. Rich chocolate chips swirled into a mouthwatering treat made with sweet-cream butter, pure cocoa, fresh-flaked oats and crunchy pecans. An intensely chocolate experience. The ultimate chocolate indulgence!