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We begin with a refreshing burst of lemon, then blend it with rich shortbread made with fresh creamery butter, and voilà: a straw of extraordinary flavor, twirled in powdered sugar for a sensational finish. Tart, rich, sweet – spectacular in its perfection. An indulgence? To be sure. The ultimate indulgence. And isn’t that what you deserve?
Overall Customer Rating of 22 Reviews:
Lexington VA

Lemon straws are the best.

Your lemon straws are so good, so delicious and irresistible.

Lemon - YUM

Love, love, love the lemon flavor! And they are just the right size. We found these at hunting camp, courtesy of hunters from Mississippi. So excited to find online.

Words can't describe how good they are. I purchase some at Christmas and went to purchase more and they didn't have anymore so I found the company name and went on-line and found them.


Lemon Straws

Delicious! Always enjoyed. They make an excellent gift.

Love lemon 🍋

My daughter brought some up to KY for Thanksgiving. So light, zesty and full of lemon flavor. So impressed bought a tin for my sister and family for Christmas! Arrived quickly and enjoyed by all...
Will be included in future family holidays!?