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Turn up the heat and set your love of flavor on high with this Asian inspired creation, melding the blaze of red chili peppers with the rich and mellow taste of aged Cheddar Cheese. Exquisite heat, intense flavor, heightened satisfaction: your appetizing adventure begins now.
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Why did MScheese reminded me....

that I have Sriracha cheese straws in my possession??? I ate a bag and a half right out of the mail yesterday and was trying to saver my last bag. It’s going to be done too soon now. BTW I only had the half remaining b/c it was the peppermint I was curious about. Not the best but not the worst. Will not order that flavor again but by tonight will reorder another 2 box of the Sriracha cheese straws.


Most Wondrous Cheese Straw In Existence

I've written a review on these yummy scrummy morsels before. These are so wonderful, I would volunteer to taste test every batch they match - you know, just to be sure. I wish these were a diet food. Alas they are not - but totally worth every yummy crumbly calorie. I want to be buried with a box of these.


I liked the spicy flavor


sriracha cheese straws

I love spicy things and these straws are GREAT!

Wiggins, MS

Just enough heat

Very of my favorite cheese straws. The spicy heat is not overwhelming, but just right.