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The mellow velvety richness of fine cheese – a delicious indulgence multiplied here to the power of three. White cheddar, Parmesan and Bleu cheese, three old-world favorites perfectly blended and delicately infused with the flavor of fresh basil and garlic. The ultimate indulgence? Certainly, but also an absolutely delicious necessity!
Overall Customer Rating of 5 Reviews:


I loooove these cheese straws! You can definitely taste the different cheeses inside!
Also love the packaging and timely delivery! You can tell when you've paid for a quality product! I'll definitely order again! Thanks!


Wonderful and good delivery time.

Very good flavor. Delicious

Fantastic 3

Excellent flavor. Party favorites.

Fargo, ND metro

I have a new addiction!

I purchased my first pack of 3 Cheese Sticks at a home decor store because they looked interesting and were clearance priced. LOVE at first bite! Store didn't have anymore so I tracked them down online, because I had to have more. Ended up ordering 10 boxes! Perfect snack or better yet - with a cocktail or glass of wine. Lovely way to bring peace to a long day. Great gifts, too!