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Ah, almonds! Prepare for the ultimate palate-pleasing experience with your very first bite: when the delicious taste of toasted almonds lets you know you’re in for a rare treat. A superb blend of delightful ingredients, these sensational straws go with anything—cocoa or coffee, after dinner or anytime. Enjoy!
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My favorite cookie.

These are so good I order them direct.



No broken pieces. Superb flavor and crispness. Definitely a reorder!


Delicious cookies

Delicious almond straw cookies with powdered sugar. The remind me of Christmas cookies my mom and I made, as a child.
I discovered them at Marshalls in the checkout area while waiting..The price was great at 3.99!.
I couldn't find them next time I went to Marshalls so I ordered them from Amazon, .. and chose the largest size.
The packing box looked big, but I was disappointed to see that they were the same small package I bought at Marshalls, but for about twice the price!..

Great cookies ,but either enlarge your packaging , lower your price, or offer them more often at retail
stores like Marshalls, TJ Maxx. etc.. People will buy them while waiting on the check -out line. They looked great and taste great as well.


Great companion to coffee or tea. A lovely snack. Perfect flavor, just the right amount of almond to satisfy!

Los Angeles area

Toasted Almond Cookie Straws

These are highly addictive. I went to a store and spotted a lone box. Upon my first bite, my mouth was in heaven. Unfortunately, the store I bought them at has a rotating stock, so I cannot get another box. I just wish I could buy a tin (or 10 tins) of these!